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IBM Mainframe Implementation Specialist
An implementation specialist is responsible for helping clients better understand company software that the customer has purchased and how to use it efficiently. Implementation specialists are individuals who work as part of a company, usually within its IT department.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud delivery model that provides on-demand computing resources over the internet, including networking, storage, and other infrastructural components.

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IBM’s business model has shifted to become more services-oriented. But when it comes to server, storage, and networking hardware, Big Blue is still an equipment manufacturer.

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IBM Cloud® offerings make it easy to bind your app to IBM Watson® services by relieving the pain around authentication and scale. Developers can monitor who is using their app - and how.

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Secure, compatible, and still evolving


IBM Z software helps you make the most of your software investment for security, cloud, AIOps, automation and more.

Regression testing of Z/OS, IMS DB2 and MQ at the SCC

SOA Testing IMS applications Regression testing of Z/OS, IMS DB2 and MQ at the SCC by replaying production workload. Maecenas eleifend sem in massa blandit eleifend. Presentation on theme: “SOA Testing IMS
By : admitcfd | Dec 29, 2014


COURSE DESCRIPTION This 2-day, hands-on IBM z/OS JCL Advanced Concepts training course presents advanced coding techniques for creating efficient JCL in the z/OS environment. Included in this course is an introduction to
By : admitcfd | Feb 2, 2014

IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2 for z/OS

What IMS and Db2 management console can do for your business> IBM® Management Console for IMS™ and Db2® for z/OS® gathers information from various expert sources, including IMS and Db2 Tools that
By : admitcfd | Jan 15, 2014

An Introduction to DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS System

Instances and subsystems. In DB2 ULWO, an instance provides an independent environment where database objects can be created and applications can be run against them. When an instance is created, links to
By : admitcfd | Jan 15, 2014

CICS transaction (task) may execute several programs

A transaction (task) may execute several programs in the course of completing its work. The program definition contains one entry for every program used by any application in the CICS® system. Each
By : admitcfd | Jan 15, 2014

TSO/ISPF services as both a system management

z/OS® is ideal for processing batch jobs– workloads that run in the background with little or no human interaction. However, z/OS is just as much an interactive operating system as it is
By : admitcfd | Jan 15, 2014


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