What IMS and Db2 management console can do for your business>
IBM® Management Console for IMS™ and Db2® for z/OS® gathers information from various expert sources, including IMS and Db2 Tools that are delivered in IBM Solution Packs. You can easily view the overall health of IMS and Db2 for z/OS subsystems across the enterprise in one graphical interface. IBM IMS and Db2 Tools provide autonomics to help users adapt to unpredictable changes while hiding system complexity. The primary benefit is to optimize manual tasks and eliminate growing levels of complexity.

Offers unified interface.
Use a unified interface to view and manage the overall health of IMS and Db2 for z/OS systems across the enterprise.

Drills down to system level.
Navigate and drill down from the enterprise or system level to individual objects. You can view, understand, and access identified IMS and Db2 for z/OS symptoms and recommended actions.

Provides consolidated dashboards.
Use resource dashboards to view consolidated information for various sources and tools. For Db2, dashboards support data sharing groups as well as individual table space and index space partitions.

Displays resource issues.
Use the interface to find resources with the highest severity symptoms and exceptions, and then navigate directly to those resources.

Reduces learning curve.
Use embedded help for IMS and Db2 for z/OS, including details and concepts, to help reduce the learning curve and enable system programmers and database administrators to be up and running faster.

IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2 components.

  • IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS
  • IMS Fast Path Solution Pack
  • IBM Db2 Utilities Solution Pack for z/OS
  • Integrated autonomics