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F.D. (Minggus) Jermias owner of FDJ IT Consultant with more than 30 years active in IBM Mainframe z/OS (Operating System) and IBM Software support services. IBM Training started in 1977 to 1985. To this day I have never regretted it. Objective: Talented, results-driven IT professional with versatile, cross-platform experience in project management, application, tester, implementation and database administration.

No matter how long I’ve known someone, there always seems to be some confusion about what it is I do as an IT consultant. The top impressions people have are that I fix or sell computers and that is not inaccurate. I do fix computers, and I do sell computers. But this is misleading and it is the very least of what I do.

In old corporate structure, a Computer Technician (aka Computer Consultant) and a Systems Analyst are two very different people. The systems analyst could be compared to a General where the computer technician acts as a foot soldier in the trenches at the front lines of battle. The Analyst has a very high-level view of issues that a business may have with their technology, or they are sometimes given a set of guidelines or a road-map that a company may have for advancing their IT infrastructure.

The Systems Analyst will often also be the liaison between the client (or end users) and the technicians. It’s an unfortunate truth that many extremely talented technicians lack certain social skills.Systems Analyst+Computer Technician+Project Manager = IT Consultant.

I’ve had a history in corporate, small business, and contracted IT, and in my journey I’ve developed a set of core work values.