Our Work

I am a passionate IT Professional specializing in IBM mainframe Z/os, business networks and server technology including virtualization and information security. FDJermias IT Consulting which provides IT service to businesses in IBM Mainframe z/OS Environment. Support of Websphere client/server software, peripherals, network systems for Unix, Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems.



  1. 30 years’ experience of mainframe z/OS, RS6000 UNIX, administration and environment support.
  2. expert in JCL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, MQ, Sort.
  3. proficient with monitoring mainframe batch job streams, observing the status of batch job scheduling, recovering from batch job exceptions, and associated incident/failure messages.
  4. z Systems Development and Test Environment and Developer background desirable.
  5. excellent analytical, problem solving, research, investigation and evaluation skills.


Management Professional Services

  • Service 1 – Online system: IMS, CICS/TP.
  • Service 2 – Database Tool: DB2/SQL, PHP MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server.
  • Service 3 – File Transfer: FTP, Xcom, WebSphere MQ File Transfer.
  • Service 4 – Operating Sys: Z/os, TSO, Unix Websphere, Windows.
  • Service 5 – Supporting : OPC/TWS Scheduling, JCL, Rexx, Script.
  • Service 6 – Management : Library, Endevor, Implementantion, Security, Itil (Administrator Incident/Problems)

Mainframe Implementation Specialist

An implementation specialist is responsible for helping clients better understand company software that the customer has purchased and how to use it efficiently. Implementation specialists are individuals who work as part of a company, usually within its IT department.